Hardwood lumber species for outdoor uses

Hardwood: very high density: azobe / ekki 1.05 : tali 0.92 : okan .91
Hardwood: high density: niove .89 : wenge .87 : moabi .83 : doussie .81 : pachyloba .81
Hardwood: medium density: afromosia .77 : bilinga .75 : padauk .73 : izombe .72 :
makore .69 : iroko .64

Hardwood lumber species from Africa are suitable for exterior projects under bad weather conditions.

Their natural resistance against decay, drywood termite, subterraneen termites, insects and termite damage is rated very high, either in ground or water contact projects (+25 years). When used above the ground, they last for many generations without damages.

With regards to their mechanical characteristics, many of them greatly exceed native European or North American species, including South American and East Asia ones.

They are very popular in Europe for projects requiring natural wooden building materials, durability, strength, stiffness and high wear, at virtually no maintenance cost.

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